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Why Smart Realtors Are Choosing New Power Realty

New Power Realty was created from a simple but important concept, to give successful Realtors the flexibility to offer the quality services that client wanted. Deliver it in a better way and at better value. The real estate business, like many service industries, has changed. Both Client and Realtor play the most important roles in any real estate transaction today. The old way of doing business is no longer the best way! Research on behaviour in residential real estate tends to indicate that consumers choose a Realtor rather than a company to represent them as buyer or seller.

New Power Realty believe there is a better business model for realtors and created one of the most Realtor friendly office fee plan to help Realtors manage high office cost and fees so they can invest those saving in their business or own promotion. Today’s Realtors are mobile. They connect with clients through smart phones, tablets, personal business website, advertising and promotions. Many Realtors questions the lack of benefit they receive for the high office cost they paid, mainly, for the use of an expensive company logo seem so outdated. When in many cases, they only need to have the deal processed. New Power offer full service. We handle the deposit, remit excess money to the lawyer and pay out the commission when the deal is completed. Realtor won’t pay excessive and unnecessary fees. That is the New Power Realty company vision, core value and mission. Unlike traditional expensive brand name company or franchise, where everything is the same in terms of consistency, but real estate is a different kind of business. New Power Realty will give support to realtors who want to develop and have control of their personal branding, because when realtor are able to develop their own branding and maintain personal identity though personalized advertising or own marketing program, they will generate broad exposure to buyer and seller about the realtor and their quality personal service.       

Benefit of no unnecessary fees

** Forever No Desk Fee Plan - Lifetime Desk Fee for Free

  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Entertainment Fees
  • No Unnecessary Technology Fees
  • No National Advertising Fees
  • No Extra Errors & Omissions Fees  

 **This plan is absolutely free forever with no monthly desk fee for a limited number of Realtors when they are with New Power Realty. This is one of the ways of helping Realtor control business cost and can be substantial saving for the Realtor.  

We also have extremely attractive packages to top producers. Please contact us for details.

 Benefit for our Realtors

New Power is offering ongoing support and training in the following areas:                                                 

  • Full Office Support
  • Continuing Education & Practical Training
  • Mentor-ship Program
  • “N” Power Mortgage Incentive Program
  • Company promotion campaigns
  • Co-company and realtor advertising support
  • Managing Brokers with 28 years of sales experience